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  • Re: Shoe Nails, (continued)
  • AW: shoe nails, Pott, Dietrich
  • Arrows, Wolfram Troeder
  • AW: Arrows, Pott, Dietrich
  • Marching in formations for attack and defence, Henry Landis
  • 15th century battle formation ...KNOW THE DRILL, Gerry Embleton
  • Re: Marching in formations for attack and defence, John Richards
  • Shooting Contest - Pentecost 2003, Christian Folini
  • AW: Shooting Contest - Pentecost 2003, martinjungnickel-at-compuserve.de
  • Réponse à:Re: Needles, Graphiste2
  • Hosen, combatantskeep-at-fuse . net
  • Pentecost 2003 - Camp infos and travelling route, Christian Folini
  • Garment rivets?, Wolfram Troeder
  • Mail rings, Graphiste2
  • Réponse à:RE: Mail rings, Graphiste2
  • RE: Réponse à:RE: [cosg-living-history] Mail rings, Artefacts
  • RE: Réponse à:RE: Mail rings, whutt-at-free . fr
  • SV: Réponse à:RE: [cosg-living-history] Mail rings, Øyvind Moe
  • problems with tents, Tomaszek

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