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Re: Greetings

From: Mathieu Harlaut
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 18:21:57 +0200

Hello Mihai,

Yes, I am a member of the Company of Saynt George. Unfortunately, I =
don't know any Great War re-enactor but I will ask around and I might =
come back with some contacts.



Le 6 sept. 2010 =E0 13:25, Ionita, Mihai a =E9crit :

> Hello Mathieu,
> I am very glad to hear from you. It seems joining the mailing list was
> indeed a good idea since already our group has found a few more =
friends than
> we had initially.
> I do have a few questions for you, however.
> First of all, what group are you part of? I do not know if you are a =
> of the Company of Saynt George or if you are a member of another =
> Second of all, I am curious if you know of any French groups which =
> the First World War or any other modern time period, similar to the =
> periods reenacted by our group. Currently, we are focusing on finding =
> modern reenactment groups for events in the very near future. As time
> passes, however, we shall expand to time periods such as the Middle =
Ages and
> even Antiquity.
> I hope to hear from you soon.
> Yours,
> Mihai
> _______________________________
> Mihai Ionita
> Responsabil Relatii cu Publicul
> web: www.traditia-militara.ro
> On 2 September 2010 12:41, Mathieu Harlaut  wrote:
>> Welcome to this list Mihai and thank you for this survey on Romanian =
>> re-enactment.
>> You will see that this list is not very active but it bursts into big =
>> discussion from time to time.
>> Regards,
>> Matheiu

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