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About other reenactment groups

From: "Ionita, Mihai"
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 14:48:08 +0300

Hello dear members of the Mailing List,
I present myself before your esteemed persons today to ask you a few simple
questions. As you may have seen from my introductory post, my reenactment
group currently reenacts the modern age (from 1800 to 1945 or thereabouts).
Considering this, in the near future it would be very useful for us if we
could establish friendly relations with fellow modern groups from your
respective countries. If you are wondering about our long term goals, we
already have those covered to a considerable degree by virtue of the fact
that we are already members of this ML, where we can find all the Medieval
groups we could ever need.

So, you would be of immense help to us if you could provide us with the
names and contact information of some of the modern reenactment groups
(World War One, Napoleonic wars, it does not matter) from your countries. I
trust in your critical eye to provide us with the best your countries have
to offer. After all, it takes the best to spot the best, does it not?

Yours faithfully,
Mihai Ionita

Mihai Ionita
Responsabil Relatii cu Publicul
web: www.traditia-militara.ro

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