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Re: Greetings

From: Mathieu Harlaut
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 11:41:38 +0200

Welcome to this list Mihai and thank you for this survey on Romanian =20

You will see that this list is not very active but it bursts into big =20=

discussion from time to time.



Le 1 sept. 10 =E0 19:09, Ionita, Mihai a =E9crit :

> Hello, my name is Mihai, and I am part of a reenactment group from =20
> Romania
> called Asociatia Traditia Militara.
> www.traditia-militara.ro is our website and you are more than =20
> welcome to
> browse it if you are curious about our group. It has versions in =20
> Italian,
> English, German and French so there should be no difficulties in
> understanding its texts.
> Our group is one of the biggest groups in Romania and one of the =20
> oldest. We
> currently reenact several historical epochs ranging from the =20
> Napoleonic wars
> (from the year 1805 onward) up until the end of the Second World War =20=

> (1945)
> so that is just about 140 years of reenactment. We plan on expanding =20=

> our
> group to cover periods such as the Middle Ages (most likely end of
> Fourteenth century and beginning of Fifteenth) and the very =20
> beginning of the
> Seventeenth century (somewhat around the year 1600) but to do that =20
> we will
> need help in the form of research, advice and friends whom we can =20
> invite in
> our country when we actually get to organizing events for these =20
> periods.
> Now, to give you a report on the situation of reenactment in Romania.
> I can tell you that the Romanian reenactment scene is
>> in what you could call its infancy. Historical Reenactment has only
> existed
>> in Romania as a concept for about 10 years (and this sprung up from
> previous
>> Communist manifestations in which Romania's past was glorified) and =20=

>> in
>> practice has only been in existence since 2004 or so. Right now, the
>> movement is slowly growing and I can say with some confidence that =20=

>> we have
>> achieved in three years what others have achieved in ten or even =20
>> more, and
> I
>> base this on our discussions with several German reenactment groups =20=

>> which
>> have been extant for twenty years or more. To give a firm number, I =20=

>> would
>> say that in total, there are no more than 70 or so reenactors in =20
>> the true
>> sense of the word, for all ages, from antiquity to World War Two. =20
>> There
> are
>> others, yes, but they are rather more inclined to the theatrical, =20
>> fantasy
>> and kitschy side of things and, sadly enough, they all focus on the
>> Middle-Ages or, rather, their interpretation of the Middle-Ages. True
>> enough, Orcs and Elves would not go amiss from their poor showings. =20=

>> That
> is
>> something we are currently trying to change but, sadly enough, =20
>> kitsch and
>> poor taste is popular for many people with no knowledge of history =20=

>> and
>> historical fact.
>> The number of people who actually try and reenact the Fifteenth =20
>> century
> with
>> some effort and respect towards history is rather small. Fifteen or =20=

>> so
>> people to be frank, all based in the same group which has its =20
>> headquarters
>> at Hunedoara castle in Romania (one of Romania's best preserved =20
>> castles,
>> formerly belonging to John of Hunedoara, father of Mathias Corvin).
> I hope we will learn from each other so as to lead to the overall
> development of the global reenactment scene.
> Yours faithfully,
> Mihai
> _______________________________
> Mihai Ionita
> Responsabil Relatii cu Publicul
> web: www.traditia-militara.ro

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