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From: "Ionita, Mihai"
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 20:09:30 +0300

Hello, my name is Mihai, and I am part of a reenactment group from Romania
called Asociatia Traditia Militara.
www.traditia-militara.ro is our website and you are more than welcome to
browse it if you are curious about our group. It has versions in Italian,
English, German and French so there should be no difficulties in
understanding its texts.

Our group is one of the biggest groups in Romania and one of the oldest. We
currently reenact several historical epochs ranging from the Napoleonic wars
(from the year 1805 onward) up until the end of the Second World War (1945)
so that is just about 140 years of reenactment. We plan on expanding our
group to cover periods such as the Middle Ages (most likely end of
Fourteenth century and beginning of Fifteenth) and the very beginning of the
Seventeenth century (somewhat around the year 1600) but to do that we will
need help in the form of research, advice and friends whom we can invite in
our country when we actually get to organizing events for these periods.

Now, to give you a report on the situation of reenactment in Romania.

I can tell you that the Romanian reenactment scene is
> in what you could call its infancy. Historical Reenactment has only
> in Romania as a concept for about 10 years (and this sprung up from
> Communist manifestations in which Romania's past was glorified) and in
> practice has only been in existence since 2004 or so. Right now, the
> movement is slowly growing and I can say with some confidence that we have
> achieved in three years what others have achieved in ten or even more, and
> base this on our discussions with several German reenactment groups which
> have been extant for twenty years or more. To give a firm number, I would
> say that in total, there are no more than 70 or so reenactors in the true
> sense of the word, for all ages, from antiquity to World War Two. There
> others, yes, but they are rather more inclined to the theatrical, fantasy
> and kitschy side of things and, sadly enough, they all focus on the
> Middle-Ages or, rather, their interpretation of the Middle-Ages. True
> enough, Orcs and Elves would not go amiss from their poor showings. That
> something we are currently trying to change but, sadly enough, kitsch and
> poor taste is popular for many people with no knowledge of history and
> historical fact.
> The number of people who actually try and reenact the Fifteenth century
> some effort and respect towards history is rather small. Fifteen or so
> people to be frank, all based in the same group which has its headquarters
> at Hunedoara castle in Romania (one of Romania's best preserved castles,
> formerly belonging to John of Hunedoara, father of Mathias Corvin).

I hope we will learn from each other so as to lead to the overall
development of the global reenactment scene.

Yours faithfully,

Mihai Ionita
Responsabil Relatii cu Publicul
web: www.traditia-militara.ro

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