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Re: cuir boile Gauntlets?

From: behanner-at-mediumaevum.com
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 18:51:40 -0400

It is in this edition.  Le voyage d'outremer de Bertrandon de La
Broquière, premier écuyer tranchant et conseiller de Philippe le Bon, duc
de Bourgogne / publ. et annot. par Ch. Schefer,...- E. Leroux (Paris) -
Hopefully this link will go to the page.

Your guess is better then mine.  The text would seem to indicate it is
something out of Germany so I was hoping someone in Germany more familiar
with German armour might have seen something somewhere that might shed
light on it.


> Hi Brent,
> I can't find these sentence on the page.
> Are you sure about this title or the page [Voyage d'Outremer, p. 227]?
> Maybe they mean gloves that are covered with boiled leather.
> Cheers
> Juergen
>>-----Urspr=C3=BCngliche Nachricht-----
>>Von: behanner-at-mediumaevum.com
>>Gesendet: 29.05.2010 03:35:18
>>An: living-history-at-companie-of-st-george.ch
>>Betreff: cuir boile Gauntlets?
>>>Clifford Rogers asked about an interesting passage in Bertrandon de la
>>>Broquerie (1439) discussing what armor to wear on crusade. He says
>>> footme=
> n
>>>should all have their hands armored, "and I'd just as soon have the
>>>gauntlets that are made in Germany of cuyr boully as others." [Voyage
>>>d'Outremer, p. 227]
>>>The passage is.
>>>et au regart de moy, je auroye aussi cher des ganteletz que on fait en
>>>Allemaigne de cuyr boully que d'autres.
>>>Anyone shed any light on this?

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