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Cameline sauce was a standard medieval sauce and was produced in large quantities in most of Europe. So popular was it that it could be obtained readymade in much the same way as we would buy readymade sauces today.
 "At the sauce-maker's, three half-pints of Cameline for dinner and supper and a quart of sorrel verjuice." (1)

Blog;Advice;Reproduction of a closed German helmet of the late XVth - Part II

This is the second part of an article about the making of a medieval helmet (part 1). The crown of the helmet has been done in part one, now the cheeks and the visor are being made and the full helmet is polished. Note that all the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Gruyères, Switzerland

A mixed military and civil display in the castle of Gruyères. A wonderful place on top of a hill with a splendid view on the Alps.
Dates: June 17 (16:00) - June 19, 2011
| Castle Gruyères
| Photos from the Gruyères event in 2009


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Blog;Advice;Reproduction of a closed German helmet of the late XVth - Part I

The model chosen has all the appeal of German fabrication at the end of the 15th century. It is quite distinct from its Italian equivalents. The system of joints on the sides is no longer horizontal, but vertical. The back of the skull (crown of the helmet) is separate and wide, and the visor comes with multiple openings with snap-locks for fixing. The absence of an axial ridge is another important characteristic that distinguishes it from the Lombard style.

Blog;Research;Towards a New Base For Historical Cooking

The Company is known for its kitchen. Company cooks like Helga, Josiane or Werner prepare wonderful dishes and our guest are stunned by the feasts we host from time to time. By a coincidence none of the experienced cooks will attend our next event and I have been volunteered to be the head of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the event in question is rather demanding: We are going to portray a noble household with a lord and his family. This is a challenge for the cooks - and it is not a small one.

Blog;Events;Introducing the Nykøbing Event

The Company has been invited to Denmark. The Danish Middelaldercentret in Nykøbing Falster has asked us to set up our camp near their village in early August.








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