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Do you remember the two blog posts from Georges Joliot where he explained how to make a helmet? The French TV must have read them too. They have done a five minute report on Georges making a helmet. Great stuff. It's French, but I get you'll get the idea.

Blog;Insider;From Basle to Burgundy

This is the first post of one of our Recruits: Franziska Lampart from Switzerland. Franziska has been recruited this Summer and here on the blog she will talk about her experience during her recruitment period. She is a typical recruit in the sense that she approached reenactment and the Company of St. George step by step.

From Basle to Burgundy - I guess it's okay to call me a defector. But actually, my ties with the Company go back further than my membership with the Basilisks from Basle.

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Much joy can be found in the making of reenactment items. Completing your kit piece by piece is a wonderful experience and it is an adventure that keeps you busy constantly. Very often it is difficult to get the right base material and also the search for quality tools is not always easy if you are not a professional in a given area.

Blog;Research;Authenticity on the Example of Shoes in the Company of St. George

The following is a guest piece by Marco Hostettler, from Thun, Switzerland. It is a summary of a research article on the same subject. As part of his final year in school, he wrote that article and submitted it to the Swiss Youth Research program "Schweizer Jugend forscht / La science appelle les jeunes". There he was awarded the highest predicate. Below you will also find a link to the full research article Marco wrote about the Company.

Blog;Various;Of Castles, Queens and Orange Bombards

The blogposts in the queue are not really finished yet and a translation is still in the making. So we're late and I will use the time inbetween to tell you a bit about the things that are going on within the world of the Company of St. George.

Blog;Events;Erlebnisse eines neuen Leutnants

Einige Wochen sind vergangen seit die Companie ihr Lager bei Burg Liebegg aufgeschlagen hat und ich Leutenant-Luft schnuppern durfte.

Mit dieser zeitlichen Distanz versuche ich ein kurzes Resumée zu ziehen.  Ich erlebte in den Tagen Hochs und Tiefs, es gab Momente in denen ich an mir selbst zweifelte und Augenblicke die grossartig waren und unvergesslich bleiben.

Blog;Events;Experiences of a New Lieutenant

Some weeks have passed since the Company set up camp at Liebegg castle and I was able to experience life as a lieutenant.

In hindsight I am attempting to present a short summary. In the few days I went through highs and lows, there were moments of self doubt and wonderful moments that remain unforgettable.

Blog;Other;A few thoughts about the Blog

It has been a couple of months now, since we launched this blog. There has been an on-line survey prior to the first article. The return rate for this survey was very good and we got a clear idea about the interest of possible readers.

Blog;Advice;The Goat Game

The book by Arnold Esch, which was listed in the previous reenactment bookshelf blog post, quotes Simon Buchel, an Augustine monk from Constance, explaining a game (page 140). He names the game "caprenare", translated as "Hit the Goat" or "Goat Game".

Blog;Other;Painting the Past

The following is a guest article by BP Travel Award Winner Isobel Peachey. The text is based on the catalogue of an ongoing exposition in the National Portrait Gallery London. The exposition will travel to Lincoln and Aberdeen afterwards.


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