Blog;Advice;Reworking a Breast Plate

Orginally I raised this breastplate in 2010 shortly before an event where I was planning to wear it. I took only 35 hours to make it and I ended up rather unsatisfied with what I got.

Blog;Advice;Reproduction of a Leg Harness

Reproducing an existing harness as seen on display in a museum is no guarantee of it's "historical consistency". Many complete harnesses found in European museums are combinations of pieces originating not only from different workshops but sometimes from different countries or different periods. The origin of some specimens is rather tricky to define precisely if the makers marks is absent or hasn't yet been identified.

Blog;Research;The Jew`s Harp - A Simple Instrument for Everybody

A few words about the jaw’s harp, this little musical instrument no very difficult to play: one presses the frame of the instrument upon his jaw with one hand as a finger of the other hand plucks the single reed (vibrating lamella). Various notes can be obtained by modifying the shape of the mouth which plays the part of a sound box. Here's a musician-angel playing the jaw's harp represented on a Hans Memling painting. I found the picture on the excellent forum :

Blog;Other;Introducing Castle Malešov

In this brief article, I would like to introduce you to castle Malešov, located near the medieval mining town of Kutná Hora, in Czech Republic. I purchased the castle in 2002, and since then we have been restoring it to a state as close as possible to late 15th century. Of course, we have a number of limitations, especially legal ones, when it comes to change the structure and its additions coming from later centuries.

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Blog;Other;15th Century Miniatures by Michael Perry

Christian asked me to put something together on the release of my box of Mercenaries, European Infantry 1450-1500. They are 28mm plastic multi-part wargames figures made to complement the first box of Wars of the Roses Infantry I produced last year for Perry Miniatures. 

A selection of painted figures of the new miniatures box (Photo by Michael Perry)

Blog;Advice;New Male Costume Guide Released

Good clothing are fundamental in living-history. Unlike other items of equipment, no one can make do without clothing – it is the minimum requirement. Before buying shining armor, one needs to have something to wear underneath... and live, walk, work, fight in it. Basically it doesn't serve the same purpose as theater or cinema costumes, it must be worn and used like everyday clothing and feel like one, and therefore it should be made like usual clothing.


Blog;Research;Pandolfo III Malatesta's Funeral Doublet

The following is a guest piece by Andrea Carloni from the group Compagnia del Leone, Italy. To our knowledge, this is the first English article covering this exceptional garment.

Blog;Other;Taking the Visitor by the Hand

A good living-history display takes the visitor by the hand and shows him around. It introduces him to a historical period and shows him things he or she has not seen before. I believe that taking him by the hand is essential. There are many ways to take a visitor by the hand. I mean it is about attracting him with something which he knows and then to go own and surprise him with something which is essentially new.


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