Moving from Hallwyl to Vallerois-le-bois

So the plan was to run a big siege event in Hallwyl in May (See blogpost #1 and blogpost #2) to commemorate the year 1415 where the whole region was conquered by Swiss, mostly Bernese, armies.

We knew the castle was close to a natural reserve for birds. But we did not quite know how close and the museum crew was not quite aware of how well that natural reserve was protected. An analogy would be that the law installed to protect the natural reserve resembles an extremely well protected medieval castle. They even provided a passage in the law that expressis verbis rules out canons around Hallwyl. And I mean, who wants to besiege a castle populated by lawyers? More details in a (German) newspaper article.

So after numerous meetings and investigations the museum organizer came to understand that the legal situation and the regulations of protection of the area around lake Hallwyl will not permit to got through with the project. So it was with great regret that the Musem Argovia, the institution running Hallwyl, had to cancel the event.

Announcing an event, inviting people from all over the place and then cancel it, was nothing we wanted to do. So we looked for alternatives and finally decided to shift from Hallwyl to Vallerois-le-bois, France, where we had celebrated our anniversary two years ago (see blogpost #1 and blogpost #2). It is no longer a public siege event, but it is a semi-private event with two factions now. The interesting part is, that we do not quite know what will happen with these two factions once they meet...

If you want to come to see us, then we are open to the public Saturday from 12 to 4 pm.

The Camp at Vallerois-le-bois 2013 - view from the tower (Photo by Eliane Caramanna)

By Christian Folini, Company veteran member.