Josiane Guyot, 1950 - 2015

We are sorry to announce the death of Company member Josiane Guyot. Josiane passed away on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, after a severe illness. She spent the last years since her retirement in Hauterive, canton de Neuchâtel.

Few will remember when Josiane attended her first Company events around 1997. The same year I started as a young reenactor. Well, Josiane was not very young anymore back then, but her energy, dedication and will to get work done helped her to make friends quickly. Age never stood in her way. Or it was rather her experience that helped her make friends everywhere.

Within a few years, Josiane became one of the pillars of our kitchen crew. She would prepare the menu plan for events, she organised the kitchen and supported Helga for the really big events, when we fed over 120 people with food prepared on the open fire. One of the dearest memories is when we unloaded the van after an event in pouring rain in Onnens together. Luckily, Josiane had made friends with the old lady who rented out the garage to the Company. So we were asked to come into the house, drink a warm cup of tea and to dry our clothes over her heating. It was such a pleasure to work with Josiane who seemed to have friends everywhere!

In 2007, Josiane served as the honorary president of the Company of St. George and even if the politics of an international association was nothing that really interested her, she appreciated her role as the grandmother of the Company. She loved being a grandmother in real life as well. The holidays in the United States with her grandson being the highlights in her life. And when she retired and one of her sons came back from the States, she seemed like the happiest person on earth. This combined with her garden in Hauterive, which she tended to with great care.

But age took its toll, her legs hurt, operations followed and then she fell ill - so much sooner than expected.

The Company of St. George loses a beloved member and dear friend. We know that Josiane's life was not an easy one. We are therefore thankful for the kindness and warmth she shared with us so generously.

May God be with you, dear Josiane!

The funeral service for Josiane Guyot will take place in on Monday, December 14, 2015, at 9am at the funéraire de la Charrière, à La-Chaux-de-Fonds (Map).


By Christian Folini, President of the Company of St. George