June 2014

A quick overview of...folding chairs!

Among the commonest seats in late 15th century, widely attested both by originals and coeval iconography, you can find folding typologies.
Just to mention the main ones, we have the faldistorium, the Savonarola chair, the pincers chair and the Dante's seat. Actually, I think it proper to inform that scholars don't use univocal words to identify them as they are basically X-chairs and variations characterise them by means of very few features (i.e. height and articulated parts).

Living History world in cartoons

This is a guest piece by Rojé, a cartoonist.

I arrived on the comics and cartoonist scene as a teenager in the eighties. The main culprits were series such as 'Spirou' from Tome and Janry and 'Apleseed' from Masamune Shirow. Growing maturity (and having more money to spend) led me to re-enactment.