May 2012

4 new benches for the Company

One could argue that a military company, and even a dashing burgundian company, wouldn't roam the land with benches and stools stored among its bombards, ammunition and other warlike tools. It is also true that artillery inventories don't mention many of them. Yes! but It is however well known that soldiers are prone to "borrow" to local inhabitants whatever they need… and, besides, the company settles in castles and towns 4 times out of 5. 

A Return to Lenzburg

The relationship between the Company of St. George and castle Lenzburg date to the early days of our group. A handful of happy events took place on that comfortable hilltop in the 1990ties. Famous competitions have been carried out and our former Captain John left a lasting memory, when he fled backwards from his exploding boat in the pond, tripping and falling into the tub filled with watered stockfish.