July 2010

Liebegg oder wie ich plötzlich Leutnant wurde

Vor einigen Tagen habe ich einen Anruf erhalten. Es ging um die beiden anstehenden Anlässe der Company of St. George: Der sehr aufwändige Nykøbing-Anlass und die militärische Zusammenkunft bei Schloss Liebegg in der Schweiz. Beide liegen zeitlich nahe beieinander, und so fallen einige unserer Mitglieder für eine der Veranstaltungen aus.

Liebegg or How I Became Lieutenant Within Minutes

I received a phonecall a few days back. It was about the two upcoming Company of St. George events: The time-consuming Nykøbing-Event and the military meeting in Castle Liebegg in Switzerland. Both happen in August and that is why some of our members will not attend both gatherings.

Reenacting the Gates to Paradise

The following is a blog post that looks beyond the Company of St. George. It's a background article on a new exposition in Switzerland, that deals with living-history in museums and an attempt to involve the visitors actively in a reenactment project.

Gruyères 2009 and Gruyères 2011

Gruyères or Greyerz in German is the name of a castle and a medieval city on top of a hill with a splendid view of the Alps. We went to Gruyères in 2002 and returned in 2009. Last week we agreed to return next Summer for the celebration of St. John. That will be the weekend of June 18/19, 2011.
In the meantime, we are happy to present you a selection of good photos from Gruyères 2009 and hope to meet you there.

Blood and Roses in Oxford

 Christ Church College in Oxford holds a conference on the War of the Roses in March 2011. The list of speakers is remarkable. I like the following two particularly.

Reenactor Bookshelf - August 2010

The following is a list of books that could be of interest to reenactors. There is no particular order, the selection is fairly broad and for certain entries I took the time to search for an online review. I am leaning a bit towards Oxbow books from Oxford. This is because they are sending me their catalogue every couple of months.

A Leather Sheath to the Carving Knives

We reported about the beautiful set of carving knives made by Tod's stuff for our Nykobing event. Some may have wondered how we would store these knives. This is no longer a secret. Voilà:

Caption Photo 1: The leather sheath combining three knives into a single sheat (Photo by Andreas Petitjean)