Witamy w Kompanii św Jerzego

Witamy na naszej stronie. Kompania św Jerzego jest stowarzyszeniem żywej historii. Podczas niemal dwudziestu lat działalności nasze zainteresowania skupiały się na odtworzeniu epoki Karola Śmiałego w piętnastym wieku. Na tych stronach znaleźć można informacje o nas, sporo zdjęć oraz wiele artykułów badawczych. Prócz tego znajduje się tu archiwum naszej publicznej listy mailingowej oraz metody osobistego zaangażowania się w projekt. Chętnie zapoznamy się z Waszym zdaniem o naszej pracy.

Można się z nami skontaktować pod adresem contact@companie-of-st-george.ch.



Wiadomości z bloga Company (w języku angielskim)

Announcing Nykøbing 2018

Summer has arrived, and The Company is busy preparing for our next adventure!
We have the honor of being invited back to Nykøbing though with a different setting customary. We are looking forward to give our artisans centre-stage this time, and to live in a bustling town with guilds, trade and friends old and new.

Come and visit us in Nykøbing, from Friday 27th July to Friday 3rd August 2018.

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Lenzburg (28. - 30.7.2017)

Adrian von Bubenberg is about to finish his second term as bailiff on Lenzburg, and is looking forward to return to Berne. But before he leaves the castle to his successor, he wants to demonstrate to the townspeople of Lenzburg, that Berne has come, conquered and intents to stay.  

Thus men at arms practice their skills, and the rest of the camp falls in with the display of Bernese power and wealth. Come and visit us, the camp is open to visitors from Friday 28th to Sunday 30 July, daily 10-17h

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Company of St. George, Lenzburg (Photo by Céline Neubig)

Announcing Koeniz, near Bern

"I cannot and I will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me. Amen." (Martin Luther in Worms, 1521)

Koeniz' Protestant church council is holding a string of commemoration events linked to the publication of Luthers 95 theses, back in 1517 what kickstarted brooding religious reform (and consequent wars) all over Europe.
They have invited us to present the world of a generation before, the 15th century, often nicknamed "the autumn of the Middle Ages" where everyday life and action was intertwined with religious customs and superstition. Where cultural seeds were spread what would only come to bloom a genre ration later. A world, where religion, contrary to today, influenced daily actions and were taken as a matter of 'of course'. To thus demonstrate, against the fully grown and developed culture Luther spoke out against, and to make their guests understand, why it was such a courageous or nearly suicidal move.

We are very much looking forward to bring back life to the village like setting around Köniz castle, with it's different buildings and multiple little and grand squares.

Come and visit us, the camp opens to visitors on Friday July 7, 1517h :-)

Tommy Hellman

Another legend and a dear dear friend has fallen.

The Nestor of Swedish Re-Enactment, Tommy Hellman has succumbed to the cancer demon at an age of 70. He truly was the Grand Old Man of the Living History scene in Sweden.

Glimmingehus - a fortified manor in the south of Sweden

This is a report from Company recruit Robin Eriksson, who visited the only 15th century reenactment event in sweden.


A weekend at Glimmingehus