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Medieval Centre (Nykøbing F.), Denmark

Date: July 27 -  August 3, 2018







Blog;Internal;Back from Nykøbing, Looking Forward to Chillon

The Company has spent a great week in the Danish Medieval Center in Nykøbing Falster. We had set up our tents and occupied the port city during the last week of July and put up a display focussing on artillery and a carpenter's workshop building moveable walls from wood as means of protection.

Here is a view of the port city on one of the sunnier days. Note the tents on the left: this was the small camp of our artillerists who stayed next to their guns; set up to protect the entry into the port.

Blog;Various;Reenacting Religion

You can go very far with reenactment in many directions. We cooked beef feet and people loved it, we showed the audience shrapnel loads in the canon and the public was fascinated, we have fencing masters demonstrate how to break the elbow of an opponent quickly and the newbies watch it in awe. Few people ever told us we were taking it too far.

Blog;Insider;Discussing the Status of the Company of St. George

Before we took up the blog posts again, there was a pause of several weeks. But we have not been sleeping during that period. In fact, the late Winter 2011 marked the climax of a discussion about 25 years of Company of St. George, the status of the group and the direction we want to take. This discussion is now over and we will be presenting a formal report to our Annual General Meeting. From the outside, there is not much that is going to change: The Company of St. George wants to remain loyal to the idea of portraying a small Burgundian Artillery Company with its artisans and families.

Blog;Events;Filming in Chillon - Military

The educational movie project in Chillon lead to six seperate 2-3 minute films. The Company of St. George appears in two of them. We have already presented the one about the daily life, here we join with la Compagnie des Quatre Lunes to portray military life in Chillon.

As usually, we do the 2nd half of the 15th century. However, the context and the narrator of the movie puts us in the 16th century. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy to see us filmed on a professional filmset:

Blog;Events;Filming in Chillon - Daily Life

The Company of St. George has been invited to appear in two educational movies for Chillon Castle on lake Geneva in Switzerland. Chillon is a wonderful castle and we seized the moment immediately. We teamed with la Compagnie des Quatre Lunes and spent a weekend in the castle. The movies were done by a professional filming crew of roughly 20 people from Point Prod SA, Geneva.

Blog;Advice;Reworking a Breast Plate

Orginally I raised this breastplate in 2010 shortly before an event where I was planning to wear it. I took only 35 hours to make it and I ended up rather unsatisfied with what I got.

Blog;Advice;Reproduction of a Leg Harness

Reproducing an existing harness as seen on display in a museum is no guarantee of it's "historical consistency". Many complete harnesses found in European museums are combinations of pieces originating not only from different workshops but sometimes from different countries or different periods. The origin of some specimens is rather tricky to define precisely if the makers marks is absent or hasn't yet been identified.

Blog;Research;The Jew`s Harp - A Simple Instrument for Everybody

A few words about the jaw’s harp, this little musical instrument no very difficult to play: one presses the frame of the instrument upon his jaw with one hand as a finger of the other hand plucks the single reed (vibrating lamella). Various notes can be obtained by modifying the shape of the mouth which plays the part of a sound box. Here's a musician-angel playing the jaw's harp represented on a Hans Memling painting. I found the picture on the excellent forum :


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