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Il Dragon è una pubblicazione della "Compagnia di San Giorgio" dedicata ad una seria ricerca storica che copre tutti i campi d'interesse per chi voglia ricostruire il tardo XV secolo.

Abbiamo perciò scandito questi Dragons e li abbiamo messi on-line per vostra informazione, traducendoli in formato .pdf (Acrobat Reader). Tutti i Dragons sono scritti in inglese, ragione per la quale nella sezione italiana si è preferito non tradurre i titoli dei singoli capitoli.

Bisogna tuttavia ricordare che abbiamo cominciato a pubblicare la nostra rivista alla fine degli anni Ottanta, per cui i numeri più datati restituiscono un quadro delle ricerche vecchio ormai di quindici anni. In un certo senso, dunque, sono pezzi "storici" loro stessi ed occorre una certa cautela prima di accettare acriticamente oggetti e procedimenti costruttivi. I Dragons, in buona sostanza, non descrivono verità inappellabili ma solo la nostra interpretazione delle fonti di una data epoca.

I diritti su Dragon rimangono della "Compagnia di San Giorgio" e dei singoli autori, per cui, stante la possibilità per ciascuno di stamparli ad uso strettamente personale, non possono essere diffusi in forma stampata senza il nostro permesso.

Ma adesso accostiamoci ai Dragons...

The Dragon No. 1

Pubblicato nell'agosto 1989
Il contenuto è bilingue, inglese e francese.


· Editorial - Guidelines for the Company
· Drawings of haircuts for men
· Drawings of household items as found in the sources
· "The Lytell Treatyse For To Lerne Englysshe And Frensshe"
· List of fruits and vegetables that were unknown two our period
· "Mind your manners..." - A poem on good late medieval manners
· A price-list for arms and armours
· Early phrases and expressions (Gammer Gurton's Nedle, 16th century)
· Est Mihi Cauda Decus - Late medieval mottos...
· A calligrapohic version of a late gothic alphabet
Download Dragon No. 1 (2.6MB)

The Dragon No. 2

Pubblicato nel gennaio 1991.
Il contenuto è bilingue, inglese e francese.


· Editorial
· A letter from the captain
· "That we myte be dressed" - Illustrated guide to clothing (part one)
· Correspondance
· Saint George - A short history
· Treasure hunt - Drawings of tools and items
· Siege warfare in the early 15th century
· The adventures of Sir John
· Recette de ce jour (French only)
· "Good morning..." - 15th century instructions on getting up
Download Dragon No. 2 (2.7MB)

The Dragon No. 3

Pubblicato nel settembre 1991
Il contenuto è bilingue, inglese e francese.


· Editorial
· The Perils of Indulgence in Cosmetics
· "Could you repeat that order, Sir ..." - Period commands and phrases
· "Take some horsgrece ..." - Examples for medical recipes
· "Alas my jewellys ..." - Apt phrases from a Tudor play
· A fifteenth century bath
· Chanson à boire - A drinking song (French only)
· Chanson d'amour - A love song (French only)
· A decision on tents (Ten years later, we have just taken that step again ...)
· Purses dor the Company of Saint George (with drawings)
· Jacks for the Company of Saint George (with drawings)
· La Manier de se Contenir à Table - Table-manners
· Nine Men's Morris: A Medieval Board Game
· La Comète de Halley - Halley's comet
· Bon Appetit - The Diet of a 15th Century Soldier
· The Burgundian Camp in 1476
Download Dragon No. 3 (3.4MB)

The Dragon No. 4

Pubblicato nel maggio 1993.


· Editorial
· Who's who: Niklaus von Schanachtal
· Dress for the women of our Company (with drawings)
· Le Mobilier - The furniture (French only, but lots of drawings)
· Announcement - Gerry Embleton has been asked to do a book on the 15th century soldier
· An historian on history - A poetic view
· Book review: "The House fo Niccolo" series
· Spinach: an erratum on the illegal substances in vol. 1
Download Dragon No. 4 (5.5MB)

The Dragon No. 5

Pubblicato nel maggio 1994.


· Editorial
· Who's who in 1476 - A list by countries
· Burgundian booty, a brief summary
· The furniture - Part 2 - Many drawings (in French as well)
· Thalhoffer - Weapon training in the 15th century
· 15th century weather
· Book reviews
· Reenactment - General and specific remarks by Jamie Donnan
· Tents for the Company of Saynte George (with drawings)
· 15th century tools (with drawings)
· The birth of a child in the late medieval period
· Making a padded Jack
· A small household of the 15th century - Summary of the household accounts of John Munden
· The splendours of the Burgundian court - A letter by John Paston III in 1468
Download Dragon No. 5 (3.4MB)

The Dragon No. 6

Pubblicato nel marzo 1995
E' un numero principalmente in inglese, con contributi in francese ed uno in tedesco.


· Editorial
· A child
· Medieval cookery and medicine - Part 1
· Plat du jour - Recipe of the day
· Domestic furniture in the Tacuinum Sanitatis (with drawings)
· The Schilling chronicles
· An examination of a typical Swiss or South-German coif
· Recruiting, payments and the prices in the republic of Genoa
· Swords for the Company of St. George (with drawings)
Download Dragon No. 6 (2.4MB)

The Dragon No. 7

Pubblicato nel giugno 1995.
E' un numero bilingue, in inglese e francese.


· Editorial
· Polearms for the Company of St. George
· The earliest cartridges
· Medieval cookery and medicine - Part 2
· Medieval Furniture - Part 4 (comes in French as well)
· L'ordre de la toison d'or (French only)
Download Dragon No. 7 (2.4MB)

The Dragon No. 8

Pubblicato ne dicembre 1995.
E' un numero prevalentemente in inglese, con un contributo in francese ed uno in tedesco.


· Editorial
· Livery clothing, circa 1460-1480
· Recette du jour (French only)
· Firearms in the republic of Genoa
· Military Organisation in Switzerland in the time of the Burgundian wars
· Formation and organisation of defence of Württemberg in the second half of the 15th century (in German as well)
· The fletching of arrows, a detailed look at the techniques
· Book review: "On the practice or art of dancing"
· Rushlights - How to make and use them
· Questions and answers - Helmet fastenings and mail "shorts"
Download Dragon No. 8 (2.7MB)

The Dragon No. 9

Pubblicato nel gennaio 1997.
E' un numero bilingue, in inglese e francese.


· Editorial
· Medieval military drill
· Medieval Lanterns (with many many drawings)
· Poids et mobilité des armures (French only)
· Book review: Armies and warfare in the MA / Early French cookery
· Biscuit - the staple of armies from time immemorial - a recipe
Download Dragon No. 9 (4.1MB)

The Dragon No. 10

Pubblicato nell'estate del 2000
E' un numero solo in inglese.


· Editorial
· Medieval cloth
· Ells, aunes and braccia - medieval cloth measures
· The nature of swords - a general view
· Tents for the company revised (with drawings)
Download Dragon No. 10 (3.1MB)

The Dragon No. 11

Pubblicato nell'inverno del 2000
E' un volume solo in inglese.


· Editorial
· The history of Burgundy - excerpts from the memories of Olivier de la Marche
· On carrying ... bags, bundles, packs and baskets (with drawings)
· A shopping list from 1435
· Advice to travellers - short excerpt of a manual
· Fireplaces - a few thoughts
· Comments to older articles
· Grinding Benches (a single illustration)
Download Dragon No. 11 (8.7MB)



The Dragon No. 12

Pubblicato nell'estate del 2003
E' un volume solo in inglese.

The Contents

  • Editorial
  • The tactics and weapons of the 2nd battle of St. Albans 1461
  • An investigation into the "bend" as part of the 15th century military clothing
  • Milanese Artillery
  • Italian field fortifications
  • Thoughts on tents
  • A 15th century leather mitten from the Thames
  • A journey by sea

Download Dragon No. 12 (3.6MB)