Becoming a Veteran member

Gruyères was the first event I was allowed to spend with the Company of Saint Georges and now, just three years later I was appointed as a full member. This appointment was a little surprising to me, as I have the feeling it was just yesterday when I visited Gruyères with the Company, but then, looking back on the past events, there are so many amazing memories stuck in my mind, it would go beyond the scope of this blog entry to tell you them all.

Franziska (Photo by Andrea Schläfli)

One of my personal highlights was Nykøbing in 2011 not only because it was my first reenactment event outside of Switzerland but also because of the way we were allowed to use the environment of the open-air museum. Being able to live in this small but beautiful medieval hamlet was so far the most intense experience I've had in my “living history career”. Although I ended up with my lip burst open because of the incompatibility of a medieval bed (with a high edge) and a modern alarm clock.

Right after that, it was the fast day this year in Lenzburg, though I believe I was one of the few who really liked the idea and who had no problem to stick to a dry-bread-and-fish diet.

But one of the things I like most about the Company of Saint Georges is it's spirit during the event, which is amazingly inspiring and motivating and these emotions usually last until days after an event. Of course participating in a reenactment event can be quite demanding as well. To be on my legs the whole day, weather that is either to cold/wet or to hot, answering the same questions and hearing the same jokes over and over again needs a lot of energy and even a patient person like me can get  a bit short tempered towards the end of an event. No wonder that sometimes the tone among the members get a little rough and harsh words are spoken, but as everyone is well aware of this situation, quarrels come and go like an thunderstorm in summer.

And finally there is an other thing I'd like to point out. An association is like a living organism that grows and develops and the Company of Saint Georges certainly has been through a lot of changes during the past 25 (Huzza!) years but I have the feeling that in the last three years more changes than ever have taken place, as an effect of the enormous work and effort some members have put in to the association (an other big Huzza! to them). In an effort to relieve the board members, divide the work that has to be done aside of event and give a better platform to share sources and knowledge among the members, new task forces have been built, which give even new members the opportunity to take part in the organization of the Company. Personally, I think that this is very important. Nothing is more frustrating than not to be able to support something you really want to, because you have the feeling that you're not able to understand the structures or because you think you don't have the amount of time, which would be needed to fulfill your task. With the new structures it is now not only easier to find a “job” you like and you're good at but also, as the work that has to be done, is shared among different members, you can put as much effort and time in the Company as your able and willing to.

Looking back to the past three years, I definitely do not regret the decision to become a member of the Company of Saint Georges and I can only recommend to everyone who is interested to give the Company a try. None of the guests are forced to accept a membership but the chances of losing your heart to the group are quit high. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.


By Franziska Lampart, Veteran Company member.

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