Patrik asked for quoting. Seems I forgot about that. I have thus installed the quoting module. There is now a new link "quote" on the same line, where "reply" is. Seems to work for me.

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test post with an inline image

ANother post. This time with an inline image.


[inline:tasche-01.jpeg][# Out of Christian's cupboard.]


You have to make sure, the image attached is not too wide. Otherwise
it is no longer being displayed.

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Post with Footnotes

This is a post that comes with a footnote.[# The footnotes are done via the drupal footnotes modules, that can be downloaded as a plugin.]

Besides the footnote, this post does not contain a lot of content.[# bla bla note 2]

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bla bla

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Test topic






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moderator introduction thread

This is meant as a thread where the moderators present themselves to the other moderators.

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Portfolio;Fonds d'écran;Fonds d'écran


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The Company of St. George returns to Haut-Koenigsbourg - Including a Blog

The Company always had strong ties with the Castle Haut-Koenigsbourg in Alsace. So it is a pleasure to return to the castle after our last visit in 2006. HKB events are known for their unique athmosphere - and tough conditions. Meet us in the castle betwwen Friday and Sunday April 3 - 5 2009. We also plan to blog live from the castle. Return here to get the link.

Meet the Company of St. George on Facebook

The Company started a facebook group online. The group is open to anyone interested in the Company. There is also a facebook page dedicated to the event in Haut-Koenigsbourg.


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