Blog;Other;Blood and Roses in Oxford

 Christ Church College in Oxford holds a conference on the War of the Roses in March 2011. The list of speakers is remarkable. I like the following two particularly.

Blog;Events;Gruyères 2009 and Gruyères 2011

Gruyères or Greyerz in German is the name of a castle and a medieval city on top of a hill with a splendid view of the Alps. We went to Gruyères in 2002 and returned in 2009. Last week we agreed to return next Summer for the celebration of St. John. That will be the weekend of June 18/19, 2011.
In the meantime, we are happy to present you a selection of good photos from Gruyères 2009 and hope to meet you there.

Blog;Other;Reenacting the Gates to Paradise

The following is a blog post that looks beyond the Company of St. George. It's a background article on a new exposition in Switzerland, that deals with living-history in museums and an attempt to involve the visitors actively in a reenactment project.

Blog;Events;Liebegg or How I Became Lieutenant Within Minutes

I received a phonecall a few days back. It was about the two upcoming Company of St. George events: The time-consuming Nykøbing-Event and the military meeting in Castle Liebegg in Switzerland. Both happen in August and that is why some of our members will not attend both gatherings.

Blog;Events;Liebegg oder wie ich plötzlich Leutnant wurde

Vor einigen Tagen habe ich einen Anruf erhalten. Es ging um die beiden anstehenden Anlässe der Company of St. George: Der sehr aufwändige Nykøbing-Anlass und die militärische Zusammenkunft bei Schloss Liebegg in der Schweiz. Beide liegen zeitlich nahe beieinander, und so fallen einige unserer Mitglieder für eine der Veranstaltungen aus.

Blog;Events;A Set of Carving Knives

Noble culture is representative. You could say that in order to qualify as a medieval noble, you had to be a show-off. Nothing to show - can't be a noble then. One of the big challenges for the event in Denmark is to setup a representative display of nobility. Given the size of his retinue (the Company of St. George, that is), our knight and lord is no unimportant man. So the level of noble equipment has to be raised even more.

Blog;Research;Tripe Disguised as Omelette Balls

Prof. Dr. Helmut Birkhan is an entertaining figure. When I attended the conference of medieval daily life and material culture of the Institute in Krems, Austria, in 1998, he was one of the more interesting participants. Another person told me he was cooking medieval magic potions with his students as part of their sourcebased research. And when editing a late roman text about Austria, he identified a strange latin word as a mushroom that is still known to exist in modern Austria.

Blog;Research;Cameline Sauce

Cameline sauce was a standard medieval sauce and was produced in large quantities in most of Europe. So popular was it that it could be obtained readymade in much the same way as we would buy readymade sauces today.
 "At the sauce-maker's, three half-pints of Cameline for dinner and supper and a quart of sorrel verjuice." (1)

Blog;Advice;Reproduction of a closed German helmet of the late XVth - Part II

This is the second part of an article about the making of a medieval helmet (part 1). The crown of the helmet has been done in part one, now the cheeks and the visor are being made and the full helmet is polished. Note that all the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Upcoming Events

Gruyères, Switzerland

A mixed military and civil display in the castle of Gruyères. A wonderful place on top of a hill with a splendid view on the Alps.
Dates: June 17 (16:00) - June 19, 2011
| Castle Gruyères
| Photos from the Gruyères event in 2009



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