Issue of Medieval Warfare Covering Charles the Bold

Medieval Warfare is a 60 pages magazine covering battles and sieges during the whole medieval era. We have reported about the magazine here when it was still new. Now in it's fourth year, they published an issue dedicated to the Burgundian Campaigns under Charles the Bold.

Cover of Medieval Warfare, Vol IV, Issue 4 (Copyright with Karawansaray Publishers).

The table of contents looks as follows:

  • Jean-Claude Brunner, 'historical introduction'
  • Jean-Claude Brunner, 'On the composition of the Bernese troops at Morat'
  • Gabriele Esposito, 'The Burgundian 'Lance': organization and structure of the Burgundian army'
  • Robert Holmes, 'Swiss military supremacy'
  • Matthew Beazley, 'The Battle of Grandson'
  • Sidney Dean, 'The Battle of Nancy'
  • Gareth Williams, 'The mace'
  • Gregory Liebau, 'Legendary duals and the development of a German chivalric tradition'
  • Ray Cavanaugh, 'The wild times of tenth-century warrior poet Egil Skallagrimson'

I received my copy this morning. It is a good read. What I really like are the maps they did. They look very good.

By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.