Haut-Koenigsbourg 2016 - Back to the castle!

After seven years, the Company of Saint George returned to the illustrious castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg. As a new recruit I couldn't wait to see the people in the company again. For months I was preparing and upgrading my equipment to the best of my abilities. Then the day finally came. People started to arrive and greet each other as if they had only met a few weeks before, but some of us haven't seen each other for two years! This was the moment when I thought, this is it, this is the feeling I have been waiting for for the past year.

The first day was Friday. It was a fast day. The weather was exactly like our mood without cheese and butter...grey. But the castle has some kind of miraculous power over you. As the fog moved from room to room, courtyard to courtyard I began to feel like there is no outside world. Just this castle and the people in it. For dinner Lars and the kitchen crew made some attempts to recreate the infamous grey fish soup. I have to be honest with you all. If the fish soup that Lars made was anything like the previous one I would be surprised. The rest of the night went in the usual company way. People spread all around the castle and having a wonderful time far from anyhting that we call civilisation. Except for the unfortunate dizaine who won the honour of the first night watch. As time passed by people slowly went to their sleeping places to have a fairly cool night.

(Photo by Diana Goodwin)

Then the Saturday morning came. The weather had not changed a bit. It was still grey and foggy but I liked the feel of mistery that came with it. Then we lined up for breakfast which FINALLY contained butter and cheese! I think as a modern person I am kind of spoiled without the fast days. We all felt better with these earthly things added to our meal. After breakfast the first visitors arrived everyone went to their stations and we provided what the company does best. It was magnificent to look down from the tower to the courtyard and see lots of people running about, doing things. I looked into the distance and imagined an army marching close to the stronghold. Then I suddenly slipped back to the reality as the visitors came to the window looking out and admiring the view just like I did a moment ago. The whole castle was a huge point of interest. There was swordfighting in the High Garden, musicians and the noble's room in the castle itself. You could wander around nearly everywhere in the castle and everywhere there was somthing fun to do or see. Slowly the day passed and we smelled the wonderful meal from the kitchen and our stomachs started to growl. The kitchen crew were just superb! I can't find the right words for how good the food was. What Lars and his team does in the kitchen near the campfire is just a miracle! Things went much easier after lunch to tell the truth.

(Photo by Evangelos Panopoulos)

The evening came and the castle became our own playground again. I like to think that this time is just ours and wherever you go you find something interesting. Groups of people talking in whispers or a bigger group laughing loudly at some joke.

The new day greeted us a little bit brighter. We had lots of visitors to tend to but I think with the sun out we did our jobs with a little smile on our faces. We ran back and forth to satisfy the museum and the visitors but while doing this we still had time to have decent conversations with long lost friends. This day I had the opportunity to load the breaches of our great lady Barbara. That was a great feeling to fill her belly with the fiery words that she spreads wherever she goes. The words of our Lord of course! The meal on Sunday fitted very well to the day of God! We had wonderful sauerkraut with several gorgeous toppings. Although I was just a mere soldier I felt like I was a noble with that food on my plate.

(Photo by Evangelos Panopoulos)

The day passed so very quickly and we had our last muster in this breathtaking castle. While we had the muster the museum employees left and it was a good feeling that the entire company said farewell to them. After the muster everyone started to pack and slowly leave the castle. I always say at the begining of an event that this moment never comes, but still it does. People left and I said good bye to them hoping in meeting them again soon. But still we had a very interesting evening in Haut-Koenigsbourg with remaining members of the company. It is always very special to me. We had some very nice conversations that evening about various things and I am really glad that we had them around the camp fire, It was special. Thank you to you all that you have allowed me to be a part of this great company! I am looking forward to see you again soon! 



By Viktor Kószó, Recruit Company member