October 2013

Vallerois-le-Bois Report

The following article is a guest piece by Ash Barber. He talks about our anniversary event in France. An event which will covered in more detail in the coming weeks.

After 11 hours on the road I was nothing but relieved to arrive at Castle Vallerois-le-Bois. I was unable to turn up at the start of the event due to personal reasons so I was arriving just after half way through. I put on all of my medieval clothes and left all of my modern necessities in my van. I walked up to the castle and all was quiet, until I went up the steps and around the corner. As I had arrived half way through everything was set up and had been under way for many days. It was like stepping out of a time machine in to the medieval world,  sights, sounds and smells. I was greeted by friends and was quickly given some work to do! First I had to deliver some pottery and personal items, I felt like a real travelling merchant. I stepped in to the kitchen where they where preparing a grand feast taking place on the Saturday. An amazing array of food was being prepared with smells filling the senses. The pottery jugs and other items where warmly welcomed and would be used to serve at the banquet.

The Camp - view from the tower (Photo by Eliane Caramanna)