July 2012

A week in the french countryside

This year’s Company season started with a week in France. We spent a full week from Sunday the 18th to Sunday the 24th of June in the beautiful Chateau Valleroy, a castle located in the department Haute-Saone in the region of Franche-Comté – actually within the former duchy of Burgundy, therefore especially suitable for the Company of Saint George.

The castle as seen from South (photo Eliane Caramanna)

The Trial of Käthi Pfisterin at Lenzburg

It is the year 1470 and Jörg Friburger is Bernese bailiff in Lenzburg castle. The bold castle rests on a hill above the city of Lenzburg at the very eastern end of Berne's territory. When Friburger returned to Berne to get new instructions, he was told to enforce Bernese power in a stronger way and to undermine the resistance of Lenzburg against the rule of Berne. Especially the constant refusal to accept Berne's superior voice in cases of law is a constant annoyance for the small council in Berne.