Announcing Hallwyl 2015

In 2015, the Company of St. George is going to lay siege on the castle of Hallwyl.  Hallwyl is known to be one of the most beautiful moated  castles in Switzerland. There is a road very close to the North side of the moat, but the courtyard within the castle and the grassland South of the moat make for a wonderful event.

Hallwyl as seen from Northeast. Note that the castle is built on two islands.

We plan to recreate a siege. A siege with a group of defenders and a separate attacking camp outnumbering the defenders with vastly superior strength.  It is obvious, that the Company alone can not bring the numbers needed for the attack. So we are planning to invite other groups to support us.

A draft concept for the event has been written, it is currently being reviewed by our museum partners. Therefore, not much is fixed beyond the basic scenario outlined above. However, we see the following opportunities and obstacles:

  • * Space for a large camp, hopefully with many animals
  • * Building of siege equipment to cross the moat
  • * Building of a defense position for the attackers
  • * Construction of a defensible barbicane on the defending side
  • * The Company does not do battles, but we will look into this policy to see how we can bring an attack of the castle back to life without being too dangerous and without looking cheesy.
  • * There is a colony of rare birds in the castle. The museum is skeptical we will get shooting permission for our guns.

We have been to Hallwyl before. Here we see a fisherman pushing his boat in the moat (photo by B. Haldimann).

If you think this would be fun and you think you have what it takes to participate at a big Company of St. George event, then please mark the date: Pentecost 2015: May 22 - 25. Setup will be on Thursday Mai 21 and the event will run until Monday (which is a full event day).

Pentecost is the traditional weekend for the German Hinterweidenthal event, which was supposed to take place in 2015 again. However, we have coordinated our event with them and the 2015 Shooting Contest event in Hinterweidenthal has been shifted to September. Click here to find out more about Hinterweidenthal.

Please stay tuned to learn more about our siege event in Hallwyl here on this blog on the website of the Company of St. George.

By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.