Reaching the inactive and former members

The Company of St. George will celebrate its 25th anniversary at the end of August 2013 with a big feast on Saturday August 31. We will return to Vallerois-le-Bois, where we enjoyed a wonderful week last year. This is a private event for members spiced up with an invitation to museum partners to share this moment with us.

We would very much like to see old time members on this occasion. The problem is that we lost track of their addresses... and we even lost track of many names (it seems like the first years were so active that nobody cared to write down a list of members and addresses).

So if you used to be a Company member and would like to celebrate the anniversary, please get in touch.

By the way, it does not matter if you have long abandoned your kit. Indeed, we will set up a clothing lending service for the anniversary.

So a dress or a doublet eaten up by moths is not an excuse !

The address is

The main hall of Valleroy, beautifully restored by Jean-Paul et Jacqueline Borsotti (photo Eliane Caramanna)

By Claudine Miserez, Veteran member, Secretary