Of Castles, Queens and Orange Bombards

The blogposts in the queue are not really finished yet and a translation is still in the making. So we're late and I will use the time inbetween to tell you a bit about the things that are going on within the world of the Company of St. George.

We're talking internally about the direction we want to take for future events. That is rather time consuming, but very interesting. Also very interesting, but much more fun is a book by Tim Moore about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. You might know Tim Moore as the author of I believe in Yesterday, where he describes an event with the Company of St. George. The German edition of his pilgrimage under the name "Zwei Esel auf dem Jakobsweg" has entered the 7th edition cycle and is dubbed as a bestseller in Germany now. I have read the English version a few years back and I can recommend the lecture very much (the book with the passage about the Company is also very cool, btw).

But outside of Tim, there was another artist who worked with the Company these last few years: We have covered the work of Isobel Peachey here on this blog. Now I must say Isobel was not very responsive when I tried to get her to write for us. But lately, she let me know why that was the case. And it's the best excuse you can think of: When she was supposed to write our blogpost, she was in fact painting a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Isobel is the youngest artist who was ever invited to Buckingham Palace to do a portrait of the Queen. The painting was presented to the press last week in London.

Queen Elizabeth II by Isobel Peachey

Meanwhile, I attended a vernissage in famous Château Chillon. We had taken part in the shooting of a few educational films for the museum. These films have been presented to the public last week and I am absolutely thrilled by their dense atmosphere. We hope to be able to present these films to you here on the Company website.

Drilling in Chillon (photo by PointProd)

And finally, we have laid our eyes on a beautiful redhead. An orange gun of impressive dimensions. It is true, that the space in our garage is limited and that she is a lady of 300kg. But such elegance and such a sound in the ears! I do not think we can resist the temptation to add her to our arsenal. Stay tuned to learn more.

By Christian Folini, veteran member.

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