Military Pictures

Guard duty forms a large part of the garrison life.   The guard patrols over wide distances, thus controlling the roads passing in the vicinity of the castle.
When forming a line with polearms, it is important to form close ranks.   The bright red cross on the livery of this Burgundian soldier is echoed on his beautiful pavise, decorated with the flint and steel symbol of the duke.
When shooting a handgun, you have to handle the match, the black powder and the gun at the same time. A dangerous combination - let alone in battle situation.   Crossbows are very strong and much harder to pull than a normal bow.
It involves a large crew to handle a canon safely and efficiently.   Precision is the key to speed and a successful performance.
A field captain is guarded by his own bodyguards. Often, they speak a foreign tongue.   Plate armour elbows and gauntlets go very well with a mail shirt, given the arms of the mail are long enough.