The Equipment From Close Distance

Many household items are beautifully decorated.   A variety of items including a powder funnel, a worm (a special form of a driller) and caltrops to stop horses effectively.
Glaives, swords and knives need constant resharpening.   One thing you want to get right, when doing a scabbard, is the hanger with the leather knot around the blade.
Shoulders and arms on a milanese armour are especially impressive.   A brigandine consists of around one hundred small metal plates riveted to cloth and often covered with expensive velvet.
The fishtail sword got its name from the peculiar form of the pommel. Even in the 15th century, this has been a rare form.   Girdle books come with a leather cover that stretches over the paper and ends in a thick knot. They are typically used by people walking around while having the book hang from the belt. That way it is always ready to be used.
The shoes are all turned shoes. That is why you can see the sewing on the inside. Note the beautiful patten in the upper half of the image.   One of the scribes has adopted a habit of taking notes of every venture. Many interesting stories and lots of noteworthy cities are depicted therein.