Franck Carrière

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Company member Franck Carrière who was taken away by a severe illness on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016.

Nous avons l’immense regret de vous annoncer le décès de Franck Carrière qui a été emporté par la maladie le mercredi 25 mai 2016.


Big hearted soldier, three times veteran of campaigns in Africa and Lebanon, it was a disease that took away at last our brother Franck.

Franck was an history enthusiast, member of several re-enactment groups, unbeatable on the old standards of rock n’roll.  Full of love for his family, he adored group life and enjoyed dressing up as Santa Claus for children.

When opening the doors of gunners' paradise, Elvis must have been surprised to see him so soon. His contagious laugh, his sense of sharing, his genuine concern for others, his occasional but always justified rants, and his infallible sense of honor will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts go to his wife Sandrine and to his beloved daughters  Clémence and Gladys who didn’t have enough time to know him.
We will always be  available to talk about their dad.

Soldat au grand cœur, trois fois ancien combattant en Afrique et au Liban, c'est finalement la maladie qui a emporté notre frère Franck.

Passionné d'Histoire, membre de plusieurs groupes de reconstitution, incollable sur les vieux standards du rock’n’roll, débordant d'amour pour ses proches, il adorait la vie de groupe et prenait du plaisir à se déguiser en Père Noël pour les enfants.

En lui ouvrant les portes du paradis des artilleurs, Elvis a dû être surpris de le voir arriver si tôt. Son rire communicatif, son sens du partage, son intérêt sincère pour les autres, ses grognements occasionnels toujours justifiés et son sens de l'honneur à toute épreuve nous manquent cruellement.

Nous pensons très fort à sa femme Sandrine et surtout à ses filles adorées Clémence et Gladys qui n'auront pas eu beaucoup de temps pour le connaitre.
Nous serons toujours disponibles pour leur parler de leur papa.

Patrice Rey
Company veteran member
Membre Vétéran de la compagnie


Franck was the master gunner of the company from 2008 to 2012 and honorary president in 2010. His greatest strengths were his communicative enthusiasm and everlasting cheerfulness. He also had a precious communication skill that would allow him to be understood by anyone, whatever language they spoke. He made cannon shooting fun, even to those who didn’t like guns. Artillery with Franck was still fun when we couldn’t even shoot so much. It is as simple that, hanging around with Franck was always fun, everyone loved him.

Joining the Company of Saynt George really meant something for Franck. His first event with the company was Canova in 2004, the last event organized by Gerry Embleton, founding member of the company and former captain. This event was unofficially nicknamed "Gerry’s Bootcamp"  and Franck loved every single bit of it. Dragging a gun in a graveled mountain river bed and being hit by thunder storms every night seems to be the best fun there was, the kind of event he always dreamt for.

Since then Franck had been an extremely dedicated member, arriving early at events, leaving late. Even if he lived far and if his work kept him away from home most of the year, Franck was always ready to help organizing events.

Franck was always there for a good laugh. Those present in the Middelalder Centret of Nykobing in 2011 have a found memory of his very convincing performance as the virgin princess saved by Saint George in a play on the life of the Saint.

Franck, we will miss you and your thundering laugh ! In these dire times, we think about your wife Sandrine and your two young daughters Clémence and Gladys.

The funeral service for Franck Carrière will take place on Wednesday, June 1st at 10:30 in the church of Aulnay-de-Saintonge.
Les obsèques auront lieu à 10h30 le mercredi 1er juin à l’église d’Aulnay-de-Saintonge.

Mathieu Harlaut
Captain of the Companie of Saynt Georges