Artisans in a Medieval Castle

The ropemaker is a frequent companion in military camps.   Many items are made by skilled soldiers themselves. Here they are making man-sized pavises.
An armour polisher uses many different sorts of sand and chalk to make this German salet shiny again.   A well-off noble invited a painter to decorate the chapel in the castle. Typically, this is done in place.

Also the most skilled clerks are sometimes overhelmed by the paperwork involved with running a Burgundian Company.


Baskets are mostly made from willow or sometimes from haselnut for bigger baskets. It is important the wood is still wet when being used.

Many castles have their own blacksmith. Weapons and items need constant repair and maintenance.   The local potter does ceramics on the cheap. More expensive items are imported; often over large distances.
A proficient engineer carries models of his inventions with him. Here he is presenting them together with his manuscripts.   Where there is music, there is dancing and there is joy.