Daily Life in the Company Camp

Small camps are typically round ones with some space in the center. Note the kitchen on the right and Château de Laussel in the background.   Often, the space is scarce in a camp and the tents are set up closely.
A full table of drinks and food is awaiting the soldiers after their training.   Bread is eaten with every meal. Here it accompanies a dish of white beans and more vegetables with fresh herbs.
Two Bernese officers are being served at their table, while a lay brother accompanying the Company waits to say the prayer with them.   A hailstorm has suprised the camp in the late afternoon. It will be difficult to get the fire going again.

As carriages are used for the transport, many soldiers get to transport quite a bit of household items.   A fisher among the soldiers living in castle Hallwyl gains a bit of extra money on the fish in the moat.
A jew living in the castle is observing the shabbat. Before the Friday meal, he is reading his prayers.   Walking on crutches eases the pain and helps to heal the splinted leg.