Membership in the Company of Saynte George

The Company welcomes new members from any background, anyone willing to share hard work as much as experience and knowledge.

How to become a Company member

Joining the company is a step by step process. Someone willing to join the company will be invited to participate to several of our events. It gives the opportunity to be acquainted with the ways of the company without making any commitment. All that is needed is an "acceptable costume".

After three or four events as a guest, the person can ask the officers to become a recruit. Being a recruit is a real commitment toward the company: within a year one must complete a costume and equipment according to company standards and advice given by the recruitment officer. If this is done and she or he has proved to be dedicated and hard working, the recruit is introduced into the Company as a full member. The members have a final word in this, as it is important to keep up good relationships inside our group.

It is possible to join the Company without any practical living-history experience. However, it is more difficult, as you are starting from zero. We usually have about ten recruits at any given point. Most of them have done reenactment before, but some are complete beginners.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in joining the company, then get in touch with us via