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Patrik asked for quoting. Seems I forgot about that. I have thus installed the quoting module. There is now a new link "quote" on the same line, where "reply" is. Seems to work for me.

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test post with an inline image

ANother post. This time with an inline image.


[inline:tasche-01.jpeg][# Out of Christian's cupboard.]


You have to make sure, the image attached is not too wide. Otherwise
it is no longer being displayed.

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Post with Footnotes

This is a post that comes with a footnote.[# The footnotes are done via the drupal footnotes modules, that can be downloaded as a plugin.]

Besides the footnote, this post does not contain a lot of content.[# bla bla note 2]

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bla bla

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Test topic






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moderator introduction thread

This is meant as a thread where the moderators present themselves to the other moderators.

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Launch of new website has been welcomed in many forums


The new website of the Company of St. George has been a hot topic in
many forums. Here is a list of some of these forums. In most of them,
an active discussion evolved around the Company. The French ones, are
particularly funny.

MyArmoury Forum

John Howe Website Forum

Living History UK

Portfolio;Media;Books, Videos and Audio Files


The Company of St George has worked on many interesting project and has a thick press folder. Probably the best known project is the book "The Medieval Soldier" by Gerry Embleton and John Howe which features over one hundred colour photographs taken at Company of St. George events.

Further down below you'll find video and audio files of the Company.

The Medieval Soldier

The Company;Portrait;Portrait of the Company of Saynt George


The Company of Saynt George is a group of enthusiasts recreating the military and civil life of a Burgundian artillery unit between 1460 and 1480. Our goal is to live late medieval day-to-day life as intensely and realistically as possible, from the calf leather shoes of the blacksmith to the feather decorated helmet of the Captain. We represent soldiers (gunners, archers and halberdiers), artisans and their families.


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