A Leather Sheath to the Carving Knives

We reported about the beautiful set of carving knives made by Tod's stuff for our Nykobing event. Some may have wondered how we would store these knives. This is no longer a secret. Voilà:

Caption Photo 1: The leather sheath combining three knives into a single sheat (Photo by Andreas Petitjean)

These leather sheaths were done by Andreas Petitjean, a well-known leather carver and scabbard maker of museum quality. If you are interested in the work of Andreas, then you can contact him via the address in our artisan list.

Caption Photo 2: A detail shot with St. George fighting the dragon and a deer, the personal animal of our lord at the event (Photo by Andreas Petitjean).

The knives and the sheath will play a big role in Nykobing. Especially on Monday August 2, when our lord and knight Dominic Sewell hosts a feast in honour of his opponent in the Joust, Toby Capwell. We'll be back after the event with photos from the dishes we served at this feast. Possibly also with a few recipes.

By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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