Introducing the Nykøbing Event

The Company has been invited to Denmark. The Danish Middelaldercentret in Nykøbing Falster has asked us to set up our camp near their village in early August.

Toby Capwell, one of the knights in Berne in 2008, is organising a historical Joust in the center. It is going to be a two man Joust and Toby proposed to display the full daily life of the knights together with their households. This is where the Company of St. George comes in: We will portray the retinue of Dominic Sewell; one of the two knights. The other retinue is brought to life by the Swedish group St. Olaus; all close friends of the Company - and very often members in the Company too.

Probably you know, that the Middelaldercentret is focussing on the years around 1400. So there is a time-gap of roughly 70 years between the people in the museum and the Company. That's why we are having our own camp set apart from most of the buildings and the folk of the museum.

An impression from the Middelaldercentret (Photo from Trivago)

Also, we are not exactly used to recreate a noble household. We are much more a garrison or artillery unit. So this event is a real adventure for us. A lot of preparations are underway. We will use this blog to tell you more about it.


By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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