November 2013

Vallerois Report - Part 2

This is the second part of our reporting about our anniversary event in France (here is the 1st one). It is well know that the Company of Saynt George has members from all over europe. Consequently, you can hear a lot of different languages at our events. To show this diversity in our blog, we decided to publish a multilingual article.
Harry Velema talks in Dutch about the relic of the Holy Barbara, Marco Vignola writes some words about the mini-conference in Italian, Julien Desart tells us in French, how he became the new recruitment officer of the Company and Daniel Neubig talks about the feast kitchen in German.

Thoughts on Fencing

One of the better anecdotes from past Company events involves fencing.  Mick the Pole, a dedicated master swordsman and trainer, joined Baz digging a hole for the Company fire place. Mick thought Baz could do with a different tool, a crowbar perhaps, and asked him if he should get one for him. Baz looked up and said solemnly: "I'm a fencer." It was one of Mick's first events and he thought he had found a future sparring partner. So he started to explain that also a fencer picks his blade with regards to the situation he faces. Baz is not a man of many words, so he concluded the discussion with a classical remark: "I make fences."

A slightely exhausted fencing crew. And this was only the first day (Photo by Andreas Petitjean)