October 2010

More than Tools

Much joy can be found in the making of reenactment items. Completing your kit piece by piece is a wonderful experience and it is an adventure that keeps you busy constantly. Very often it is difficult to get the right base material and also the search for quality tools is not always easy if you are not a professional in a given area.

From Basle to Burgundy

This is the first post of one of our Recruits: Franziska Lampart from Switzerland. Franziska has been recruited this Summer and here on the blog she will talk about her experience during her recruitment period. She is a typical recruit in the sense that she approached reenactment and the Company of St. George step by step.

From Basle to Burgundy - I guess it's okay to call me a defector. But actually, my ties with the Company go back further than my membership with the Basilisks from Basle.