June 2010

Photos from our last event in Haut-Koenigsbourg

Events in Haut-Koenigsbourg are always special. They are tougher than the other events and there are a lot of reasons why you do not want to attend at all. But then, there is this special athmosphere and people want to return to HKB as soon as they have recovered from the cold they fetched in the cold walls.
We are happy to present you a selection of good photos from Haut-Koenigsbourg 2009.

A needle maker in his workshop (Photo by René Hoff)

Cameline Sauce

Cameline sauce was a standard medieval sauce and was produced in large quantities in most of Europe. So popular was it that it could be obtained readymade in much the same way as we would buy readymade sauces today.
 "At the sauce-maker's, three half-pints of Cameline for dinner and supper and a quart of sorrel verjuice." (1)

Tripe Disguised as Omelette Balls

Prof. Dr. Helmut Birkhan is an entertaining figure. When I attended the conference of medieval daily life and material culture of the Institute in Krems, Austria, in 1998, he was one of the more interesting participants. Another person told me he was cooking medieval magic potions with his students as part of their sourcebased research. And when editing a late roman text about Austria, he identified a strange latin word as a mushroom that is still known to exist in modern Austria.

A Set of Carving Knives

Noble culture is representative. You could say that in order to qualify as a medieval noble, you had to be a show-off. Nothing to show - can't be a noble then. One of the big challenges for the event in Denmark is to setup a representative display of nobility. Given the size of his retinue (the Company of St. George, that is), our knight and lord is no unimportant man. So the level of noble equipment has to be raised even more.