Principles of the Company

Over the last decades there has been a resurge in interest in the medieval period. A large number of medieval style events are organised every year all over Europe and the casual visitor is left wondering if that which is seen is actually based on historical fact or simply inspired by medieval fantasy. At a Company of Saynt George event there is no artistic license or romantic idealization, we try to recreate things as they actually were.

High Fidelity Reenactment

The Company of St. George is set by some as the benchmark of medieval reenactment. This hard-earned status is based on nearly 20 years of medieval depiction backed by historical evidence and our goal to recreate the medieval period without compromise. The Company therefore expects from its members a precise and careful examination of the historical model. This task is endless. Every discussion brings up new ideas and suggestions that indicate that our interpretation and equipment can still be improved. Authenticity as a goal can never be reached, but we are working hard to get closer and closer.

Cooperation and Research

Improvement is based on the exchange of knowledge. We are always open to exchanges with institutions, other groups, and individuals. Our research is linked to archaeological findings, museum items, text sources and historical pictures. We constantly replace and improve our equipment, thus aiming to advance our and our partners’ knowledge regarding the daily life in the 15th century.


The Company of St. George lives on the energy and the enthusiasm of its members. Happy and motivated members are the basis for every successful event and a fulfilling hobby. The friendship we share makes up the good atmosphere in our camp. It helps us to overcome hardship brought by nature and the unavoidable disagreement that may arise between the members.
Keeping our goals in mind and sharing our interests and our experience improves the solidarity of the group. As a consequence we take our hobby very serious, but ourselves much less.