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Textblock 1: The Company in short

The Company of St. George is a group of enthusiasts trying to recreate the daily life of a 15th century artillery company. The group has twenty years of experience working together with numerous big museums.

Textblock 2: Company summary

The enthusiasts that make up the Company of St. George devote all of their energy to bringing the time of the Burgundian dukes such as Charles the Bold back to life. They come from all over Europe and share an interest for medieval history. The audience gets the chance to step into history, more than five hundred years ago. The Company is well known for paying great attention to details and for living 24 hours a day in the period setting. It has organized events in prestigious historical museums and castles such as Bern or Haut-Koenigsbourg in Alsace.

Textblock 3: What is living-history and reenactment

Living-history is bringing history back to life. It attempts no less than extending the visual experience people encounter in a museum to all five senses. Visitors are enabled to see historical persons in their day to day activities, they can touch and try out their recreated items, smell the food being cooked and sometimes there is even freshly made bread to be tasted in the kitchen. The audience is invited to talk to the actors.