Portrait of the Company of Saynt George

The Company of Saynt George is a group of enthusiasts recreating the military and civil life of a Burgundian artillery unit between 1460 and 1480. Our goal is to live late medieval day-to-day life as intensely and realistically as possible, from the calf leather shoes of the blacksmith to the feather decorated helmet of the Captain. We represent soldiers (gunners, archers and halberdiers), artisans and their families.

We are not actors in costumes, we are seeking to grasp a glimpse of our forefathers' lives by wearing clothes and using items which were carefully crafted according to historical evidence. We work on a steady improvement in our portrayal, with the latest research as the key guideline. The narrow definition of the period portrayed permits a higher degree of authenticity. Our main interest lies more in the evocation of living history and than in the re-enactment of historical battles. At our events we want to share this experience with visitors. We adapt to the local environment and history as well as to the demands of our partners. Therefore we occasionally portray troops from other areas of Europe in the employs of our masters.

The Company is based in Switzerland where it was founded in 1988. Nevertheless, we see ourselves as an international group: our members come from over ten European countries.
Some of them are involved with history in their day jobs, but for most, this is just an active hobby. All our members share the interest in history and the desire to recreate the past as faithfully as possible. The knowledge acquired and the uncompromising approach has opened the door to twenty years of successful cooperation with museums and institutions all over Europe.

The Company of Saynt George welcomes everybody who is interested. We would be happy to answer any inquiry you may have.