Saynt George Living-History Mailinglist

The Company of Saynt George runs a mailinglist where 15th century reenacters and living-history fans meet to talk. The list is intended for exchange of knowledge, addresses, tips, discussions about events etc.

The mailinglist runs on the email address But hold on. Before you can send messages to the list, you have to be subscribed. 

What is a Mailinglist?

A mailinglist is a list of people that are subscribed to a service. When you write a message to the list service, everyone subscribed will get the message. It is like sending a message to all your friends, but without the need to know all their email addresses.

There is an administrator that will get people subscribed and answers their questions. Sometimes he will also remind everyone to respect the rules of email etiquette (netiquette).

Is there a lot of traffic?

The  list has maybe two or three messages a day, but they are not evenly distributed. This means it can be silent for days and burst into a loud bazaar within minutes.

What languages are welcome?

In order to make the conversation easier, the list is an English one.

How do i get hooked up? How can i remove myself from the list?

There is a page describing the subscription process. Unsubscribing is covered equally.

What about the old messages?

There is an archive of the mailinglist. It brings all the messages since the start of the list in August 1999.