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Moving from Hallwyl to Vallerois-le-bois

So the plan was to run a big siege event in Hallwyl in May (See blogpost #1 and blogpost #2) to commemorate the year 1415 where the whole region was conquered by Swiss, mostly Bernese, armies.

More about your participation in the siege of Hallwyl castle

It has been a while since we talked about Hallwyl here. In the meantime, things moved slower than anticipated, but now we are ready for the public invitation for our siege event in Hallwyl during Pentecost (May 21 to May 25, 2015).

We have the list of Company members attending, we have the list of forty defenders in the castle and now we are looking to get another 100 participants on the attacking side.

Flying over Hallwyl

The fantastic cloisters and herb garden of Schaffhausen

When I arrived on-site I was a little shocked to find, upon entering the camp, that all was quiet. A few shapes moved in the shadows – none I recognised. The setting is superb: medieval cloisters and garden. The camp was set up and the kitchen in place, operational but abandoned. But where was everybody? No noise, no bustle, no soldiery, no guards or traders or public. It was a bit unnerving.

Chit-chat in the kitchen (photo by Eliane Caramanna)

Interview with Dr. Tobias Capwell

As you may recall, a few weeks ago we invited all readers to contribute to an upcoming conversation with Dr. Tobias Capwell. Quite surprisingly, despite our efforts, only a bunch of questions have been suggested and Toby's already answered them directly on the Blog. 

We've thus been thinking about further possible questions for publishing a "real" interview, so... here you are! In behalf of the Company of Saynt George, the HP Team wishes to express heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capwell for his kind cooperation.

BR about Schaffhausen

When we were preparing our event in Schaffhausen, a TV crew from Bavaria got in touch. They wanted to follow a reenactor through the event and they wanted to team him up with a reporter to give their audience an inside view.

Canon fire and pounding hooves

Looking back on this year's twelve day event at the Museum zu Allerheiligen (the All Saints Abbeys Museum) in Schaffhouse, Switzerland. The Company of St. George was invited to participate in „The Great Schaffhausen Knights’ Festival“, which took place from July 10 to 20 2014.

Our artillery company was lodged in the abbey's cloister, where we found both dry and cool spots – which were to become very useful. We encountered some rather drastic weather changes during our stay of twelve nights and days, and it was quite reassuring to have some solid stone walls and a roof over our sleeping area.

Needle maker (Photo by Andreas Petitjean)

Tobias Capwell: the “Academic Jouster”

Dr. Tobias Capwell - or simply Toby to his friends - actually needs no introduction, being an internationally known academic personality and a major competitor in the modern jousting community.

Issue of Medieval Warfare Covering Charles the Bold

Medieval Warfare is a 60 pages magazine covering battles and sieges during the whole medieval era. We have reported about the magazine here when it was still new. Now in it's fourth year, they published an issue dedicated to the Burgundian Campaigns under Charles the Bold.

Announcing Hallwyl 2015

In 2015, the Company of St. George is going to lay siege on the castle of Hallwyl.  Hallwyl is known to be one of the most beautiful moated  castles in Switzerland. There is a road very close to the North side of the moat, but the courtyard within the castle and the grassland South of the moat make for a wonderful event.

The Swedish march

From the 12th to the 15th of June the Swedish members of the company of Saynt George organized a marching event.

The idea was to walk for three days through the remote woods of Sweden packed with your sleeping gear, food and weapons. To make it more comfortable for us, our Swedish friends took care of the tents and cooking facilities. Although it was supposed to be a company event there were surprisingly few non-Swedish members. Actually, me, Ben and our friend Aebele, where the only foreigners.