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Representing the Army of Charles the Bold – in Miniature.

This is a guest piece by Simon Chick, a master figurine painter. The Company of St. George has a long lasting connection with figurines, not the least because our old time members Alan and Michael Perry are famous figurine designers. If you look closely at their Burgundian Army figurines, then it is likely you recognize one or two old members.

Thoughts on Fencing

One of the better anecdotes from past Company events involves fencing.  Mick the Pole, a dedicated master swordsman and trainer, joined Baz digging a hole for the Company fire place. Mick thought Baz could do with a different tool, a crowbar perhaps, and asked him if he should get one for him. Baz looked up and said solemnly: "I'm a fencer." It was one of Mick's first events and he thought he had found a future sparring partner. So he started to explain that also a fencer picks his blade with regards to the situation he faces. Baz is not a man of many words, so he concluded the discussion with a classical remark: "I make fences."

A slightely exhausted fencing crew. And this was only the first day (Photo by Andreas Petitjean)

Vallerois Report - Part 2

This is the second part of our reporting about our anniversary event in France (here is the 1st one). It is well know that the Company of Saynt George has members from all over europe. Consequently, you can hear a lot of different languages at our events. To show this diversity in our blog, we decided to publish a multilingual article.
Harry Velema talks in Dutch about the relic of the Holy Barbara, Marco Vignola writes some words about the mini-conference in Italian, Julien Desart tells us in French, how he became the new recruitment officer of the Company and Daniel Neubig talks about the feast kitchen in German.

Vallerois-le-Bois Report

The following article is a guest piece by Ash Barber. He talks about our anniversary event in France. An event which will covered in more detail in the coming weeks.

After 11 hours on the road I was nothing but relieved to arrive at Castle Vallerois-le-Bois. I was unable to turn up at the start of the event due to personal reasons so I was arriving just after half way through. I put on all of my medieval clothes and left all of my modern necessities in my van. I walked up to the castle and all was quiet, until I went up the steps and around the corner. As I had arrived half way through everything was set up and had been under way for many days. It was like stepping out of a time machine in to the medieval world,  sights, sounds and smells. I was greeted by friends and was quickly given some work to do! First I had to deliver some pottery and personal items, I felt like a real travelling merchant. I stepped in to the kitchen where they where preparing a grand feast taking place on the Saturday. An amazing array of food was being prepared with smells filling the senses. The pottery jugs and other items where warmly welcomed and would be used to serve at the banquet.

The Camp - view from the tower (Photo by Eliane Caramanna)

Karfunkel - A Portrait of the Company of Saynt George

The German Medieval Magazine Karfunkel ran a special volume on Reenactment lately under the title "Karfunkel Combat". The issue contained an interview with Christian Folini. There have been quite a few interviews about the Company of St. George during the years, most of them quite dull.  But in this case, the exchange of thoughts was really interesting thanks to the mindful questions asked by Karfunkel's Anja Grevener.

Forge Experiments: Long Rondel Daggers

This is a guest piece by Andrea Carloni (in cooperation with Marco Vignola, Enrico Lazzari and Matteo Ercole)

The following article is intended as an account of a recent attempt at reproducing two long rondel daggers, a peculiar kind of side-arm which is widely attested  both in museum collections and Central European iconographic sources (see bottom of page, ref. “A”), from at least late 14th to the last decade of 15th century, though it is basically neglected by most re-enactors.

The Moscow trip

This is a report from Company veteran Jakub Malovany, who visited a Russian reenactment event together with Alain-Gilles Chaussat.

I just returned from a big event called TIMES AND EPOCHS in Moscow. The festival is being held every year, this time focused on middle ages, XIIIth – XVIth century.

Alain-Gilles Chaussat (Photo by Anastasiya Topalova)

Enabling Comments on the Blog

We announced a possibility to comment on blog posts and discuss them very early when we started the blog. However, we feared spam and online abuse and the work involved in the moderation. Let alone the pain for you to create an account before you would be able to contributed.

Making a reproduction of a late 15th century cranequin

In this blog post Jokum Lind Jensen describes how he has tried to recreate a cranequin from the time of the Company of Saint George. The work was made almost exclusively by hand, using methods as close to traditional ones as possible.

After months of work, with plenty of trial and error the cranequin resembles the originals in idiom and function, and now awaits the making of a crossbow to prove its worth.

Download the whole article (8 MB)

Reaching the inactive and former members

The Company of St. George will celebrate its 25th anniversary at the end of August 2013 with a big feast on Saturday August 31. We will return to Vallerois-le-Bois, where we enjoyed a wonderful week last year. This is a private event for members spiced up with an invitation to museum partners to share this moment with us.