Features and Feature Requests

Living History Group Membership

The User Profile has a new section called "Personal Information". There are two items in this section so far:

  • Living History Groups
  • Sex (male or female)

If you enter one or multiple Living History Groups, they are displayed on your profile page, but also with every forum post.

The sex would be used you opt for a role advancement ladder as outlined in the "points" thread. Females would then be mapped to female roles with the help of this item.



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Many forums list the number of a user's post next to his name. I tried to do the same and found out, this is not possible with the way we work (drupal can do it via the flatforum module, but surprisingly the flatforum module is incompatible with the garland theme and the garland theme forms the base of our Company theme. Are you still with me?)

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Patrik asked for quoting. Seems I forgot about that. I have thus installed the quoting module. There is now a new link "quote" on the same line, where "reply" is. Seems to work for me.

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