From July 10th to July 20th the Company of Saynt George will be at the Museum Allerheiligen in Schaffhouse. As a special event during the exhibition "Knights' Tournament" there will be The Great Schaffhausen Knights' Festival. Some of the world finest jousting riders will compete on the historical tournament site, the "Herrenacker". The Company of St. George will join the happy celebrations and set up their camp in the monastery of Allerheiligen and provide safety to the city and the people visiting the jousts. We will also present the everyday life of a late medieval campsite in our mercenary camp, the Abbey's cloister and the surrounding area.

You can get a first impresssion in the following videos and in Roger's article. On our facebook page we will report live from the event.
We are looking forward to see you at Schaffhouse.


By Bea Rubin and Manuela Gloor, Veteran Company members