Many forums list the number of a user's post next to his name. I tried to do the same and found out, this is not possible with the way we work (drupal can do it via the flatforum module, but surprisingly the flatforum module is incompatible with the garland theme and the garland theme forms the base of our Company theme. Are you still with me?)

But during my research, I have found the user-points module. Using this module you can assign points to a user for different action. You can define how many points which action gets and you are thus able to steer the development of the community. I have installed the moduled and assigned 5 points for every new forum thread and 1 point for every comment. It is also possible to give any amount of points to a user individually. Any forummoderator can do that. Now I will try to display the number of points with the user's name in his posts/comments.

More infos on the module and what actions it knows and how to define them can be found here.



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