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Much joy can be found in the making of reenactment items. Completing your kit piece by piece is a wonderful experience and it is an adventure that keeps you busy constantly. Very often it is difficult to get the right base material and also the search for quality tools is not always easy if you are not a professional in a given area.

So I was very happy when Alex Graff showed me to a catalogue I had never seen before: Dick - More than Tools. Dick is a German company specialised in Tools, primarily addressing makers of musical instruments. However, their 8-sided selection of hammers has long left this field. Also the 14 pages on plains covers all the needs you can think of.

Sturgeon's leather is not easy to get nowadays. Dick has it in stock (Photo from the Dick website).

Reading about tools and mechanical instruments is a pleasure all by itself for me. But there are actually quite a lot of cool items in the tool section and beyond that rather narrow field, that caught my attention. Here are some interesting items:

  • Boneglue on the cheap  
  • Boxwood  
  • Salom leather, vegtanned  
  • Square horn sheets (transparent!)  
  • Square bone sheets  
  • Raw sinew (okay, it's from ostrich and therefore maybe not 100% kosher for reenactors)  
  • Horse hair  
  • Plates of steel in a dozen different qualities  
  • Handmade rasps

The white sheep leather tanned with rhubarb also caught my attention, but I do not know how historical that really is. But it sounded very interesting.

The catalogue is free and can be ordered online.

The Medieval Department of Zurich University has a series of lectures on Eating and Drinking in the Middle Ages. I plan to attend the following two talks:
 - November 2, 2010 Dorothee Rippmann «...seine Nahrung gewinnen». Die Beköstigung von Arbeitskräften im Spätmittelalter 
 - November 30, 2010 Carmen Cardelle Gespräche am Tisch. Spätmittelalterliche Anleitungen zum geselligen Umgang
The talks start at 16.15.


By Christian Folini, Veteran Company member.

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