From Basle to Burgundy

This is the first post of one of our Recruits: Franziska Lampart from Switzerland. Franziska has been recruited this Summer and here on the blog she will talk about her experience during her recruitment period. She is a typical recruit in the sense that she approached reenactment and the Company of St. George step by step.

From Basle to Burgundy - I guess it's okay to call me a defector. But actually, my ties with the Company go back further than my membership with the Basilisks from Basle.

It did not take very long to blend in with the other ladies of the Company for Franziska (Photo by Elinane Caramanna).

It was in 2003 when I heard of Reenactment and the Company of St. George for the first time. I met with a few Liveroleplayers for a workshop weekend. Among the crazy group of Medieval and Fantasy enthusiasts was Hitomi / Sandra Gehrig, meanwhile a Company veteran herself. If my memory does not fail me, she had just attended her first one or two Company events. In the same year I met with other reenactors and Company members in the following months and in the Summer I visited the Company camp in the historical Museum in Berne.

In 2004 my interest in historical dancing developed and my boyfriend at the time got me hooked up into the "scene" of medieval enthusiasts. I made my first dress, obtained shoes and purchased the most pressing items for camp life. I attended dancing workshops and medieval markets - but I kept a safe distance from Reenactment associations. I had heard a tales of cattiness or even bitchiness against female newcomers, and arrogance seemed widespread - not only among the Company members. But also my lack of French made me reluctant to join: I thought I would not be able to hold my ground in such an environment.

I reduced my activities from 2005 for private and professional reasons very much. But in Summer 2007 I found my way back. The new dance Company "Les Tabourots" asked me to join in - and also offered me the job of treasurer. At the same time I moved to Basle, where Steven from the Basilisks started to court me: His group was about to transform from a group focusing on swordfighting into a real reenactment group. As I knew some of them, I agreed to join in and I accompanied the group to Lucerne and Gruyères.

My time with the Basilisks was wonderful. After every event, I was rather rolling then walking - with a full belly of culinary traits of the Basle-kitchen team and an incredible amount of great experiences. Looking back I am impressed how fast the transition to become an established reenactment group worked out...

But still, I was more demanding and I still am. So I felt this urge to try out a different group - one with a higher standard and a more demanding membership. At the same time I met old friends who had made their way into the Company of St. George and they tempted me to join. So in early 2009 I pushed all my doubts away and got in touch with the Company. Gruyères 2009 was my first event and my surprise was big: What a positive atmosphere in the camp! At every corner I met familiar faces and also those I had not met before were very friendly and welcomed me into the camp. All doubts finally dissolved into air and I felt like I had found the place to be. I attended the event in Lenzburg last year too and this Summer at Liebegg I asked to become a recruit. This request was accepted and I am looking forward to future events and adventures with the Burgundians.

By Franziska Lampart, Recruit Company member.

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